Ibis Harbour Sessions SAMBAYÁ edition

IMG_4876 2016-05-07  Ibis Harbour Sessions SAMBAYÁ edition by www.ideb.nl Once... There was a photographer who met Once Upon a Tale And now three shows later .... The second Harbour Sessions is a fact.... Amazing artist, natural... REAL! SAMBAYÁ with extraordinary guitarist Miguel Rubio and magician on the bass, Rafael Morales started the first set outside of the hotel. Great weather and this kind of Spanish music ... they belong together. Second set was inside with The Sessions Show Band, super jazzy voice of Bryony Burns, phenomenal sax-tunes by Miguel Scs BJones who together with the booming guitartricks of Albert Casán Millà are awesome. Nice crowd and great service from the staff of Ibis.
‪#‎musicismyreligion‬ ‪#‎untillthenexttale‬ Once Upon a Tale arranges The Harbour Sessions in Rotterdam and The Acoustic Session in The Hague. So if you want some nice chilling music.... choose or do both! Ibis Acoustic Lounge Thanks Bryony Burns Miguel Scs BJones Miguel Rubio Albert Casán Millà And the magic bassplayer Rafael Morales (who's facebook I couldn't find)